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cjc Posted at 2012-1-16 00:30

Question: Is a point inside a given polygon? (用WinApi判断一个点是否在多边形内)


It is of interest to determin if a point is within a given polygon. My polygon is represented as an array of TPoints.


A quick way to do this is to use the Windows API function PtInRegion. If not already avalaible, call CreatePolygonRgn() to create a region and pass the region's handle to PtInRegion().
Don't forget to free Windows' region handle afterwards.

A neat trick is to use the Length() function to obtain the number of points in the polygon.

// PointInPolygon() function by Andreas Filsinger
function PointInPolygon (const x,y : integer; aPolygon: array of TPoint): boolean;
  PolyHandle: hRgn;
  PolyHandle := CreatePolygonRgn(aPolygon[0], Length(aPolygon), Winding);
  result     := PtInRegion(PolyHandle,X,Y);

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